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Family Tree Waypoint is your place for friendly help at any waypoint in the search for your family tree. Researching your family history is a great experience. Support is available for you at each step providing guidance, suggestions, resources, and advice.

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I (Emily Martinez) have spent many years researching my family history. Also, I have helped many friends get started. These efforts have taught me a great deal about how NOT to do things. This website can help you avoid those pitfalls. There is information here on where to locate information, free handy genealogy tools, and contact information for organizations that can help you keep moving forward. I hope that you will even be willing to share some of your own advice and experiences.

Without a guide, a new family historian's efforts can be longer and more drawn out than need be. Even worse, you could easily end up with ancestors listed in your pedigree that aren't yours. This website is my attempt to keep you from making the same mistakes that I made.

If you are an experienced family historian or professional genealogist, then information and tools await you. While history is set, the way we explore it seems to change often. The software tools, websites, and publications are hard to keep up with. Also the addition of DNA testing has been a huge technological breakthrough with perhaps non-realistic expectations for many people. All these topics can be found here.

I have even included tools for all aged children. Everyone should know something about their heritage. Many history classes now require students to create a family tree as a project. The information and resources here should make this a doable project for any child who can work a computer. It should also make it easier for children that aren't quite ready to be turned loose on the internet by themselves.

There is something here for brand new family historians and genealogy professionals. There is information for all ages. Resources are provided for any state or territory of the United States and many other countries. Family Tree Waypoint is your guide on your adventure through your family's history!

How to Build a Family Tree
Just getting started? Then how to build a family tree is for you. Get your children involved in learning their family history. Where should you look? What should you look for? Find out here!
Family Tree Records
Family tree records include birth certificates, death certificates and many more. Here are details of the data contained on different records and how to cite the source.
Citing Sources
The most neglected area in genealogy today is citing sources. Here we will look at citing all kinds of genealogical sources with examples.
Free Genealogy Resources
Free genealogy resources includes an age calculator, family tree charts, birth date calculator, and much, much, more. Find the tools you need here!
Genealogy "How To"
This is a collection of genealogy "how to" articles on a wide variety of topics. All of these articles are here to make it easier for you to research your family history.
Family Tree Program
Choosing a family tree program requires some thought. Compare the family tree software options to ensure you get what you need. We can help!
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Welcome to Family Tree Waypoint! This page is about me, Emily Martinez, your hostess.
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