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Looking for free family tree forms, a family tree chart, or a printable blank family tree? This is the place for you! Here you can find every kind of free family tree form, chart, or template that we could think of. In fact if we missed something, Contact Us!

There is one issue about all the free stuff that you can get here..... Terms used for the different forms are very inconsistent. So read the descriptions and directions to make sure that you are getting what you want.

All the family tree forms, charts, and templates here at Family Tree Waypoint have two unique attributes. First, I strongly believe you should cite your sources and do it well. So included with every chart - except the ones for children - there are source pages. The formats for the sources are somewhat generic since there is no way for me to know in advance exactly which type of source you will use. However, you can make them work.

The second thing that every family tree form, chart, and template has is instructions in the file.

Now on to what you came to get!

Family Tree Worksheet

The first type of family tree form available to you is a family tree worksheet. The family tree worksheet is an outline type format. It is for a family group, but there is room for more detail. It includes name, birth, marriage, death, burial, occupation, and parents - if not already listed. The children's spouses are included. Click here to go to the Family Tree Worksheet.

Family Tree Outline

Our family tree outline includes one set of grandparents, parents, and children with spouses. The data for each person is the basics. By the basics I mean name, birth, marriage, and death. Click here to go to the Family Tree Outline.

Pedigree Charts

Pedigree charts are pretty straight forward I think. These pedigree charts show 4 generations. There are a few different styles. Pick what you like. They all have the same basic information. Click here to go to the Pedigree Charts.

Pedigree Chart

Family Tree for Children Templates

The family tree for young children is a colored graphic. It has a place for the kids to include themselves, their parents, and their grandparents with birth dates. The family tree for tweens and teens is also a colored graphic with more information on each person, a worksheet to collect the information and instructions. Click here to go to the Family Tree for Children Templates.

A Printable Blank Family Tree

A printable blank family tree is a graphic with room for 4 generations. There is a horizontal - pedigree like - version and a vertical - descendant like - version. Click here to go to A Printable Blank Family Tree. (Coming Soon!)

Family Tree Template

The family tree template is a PDF that you fill in on line and then print to your printer. It is a little neater than doing it by hand - unless you are a calligraphy guru! Click here to go to the Family Tree Template. (Coming Soon!)

Family Group Sheet

The family group sheet is another fairly standard chart. It includes the parents and the children. Ours is a little different than most. We have included continuation pages to include up to 13 children. I can think of several times that would have come in handy for my own family tree..... Click here to go to the Family Group Sheet.

Family Tree Chart (Fan)

The family tree chart in the fan style holds 6 generations. While fan charts are cool to look at, they don't have much room for data. So I have included additional pages that will hold each person's details. Click here to go to the Family Tree Chart (Fan).

Family Tree Chart Fan

Family Tree Chart (Bowtie)

The family tree chart in the bowtie style holds 3 generations. When creating this type of chart, you really just go for the symmetrical look. However, that is not always very functional. So there are 4 children on the face of the chart. Then there is a second page to allow for more children. Click here to go to the Family Tree Chart (Bowtie).

Family Tree Chart Bowtie

Family Tree Chart (Descendant)

The family tree chart descendant style holds 3 generations. It has 4 parents, 4 children with their spouses, and 16 grandchildren - 4 for each child. Click here to go to the Family Tree Chart (Descendant).

Family Tree Chart Descendant

Family Tree Chart (Circle)

The family tree chart in the circular style has 6 generations. This chart has the same basic issue as the fan chart. It is cool to look at, but not all that great for storing data. So..... I handled it like the fan chart. There are additional pages for the details of the people on the chart. Click here to go to the Family Tree Chart (Circle).

Family Tree Chart Circle - Blue Purple Thumbnail

Family Tree Chart (Adoptive Family or Stepfamily)

The adoptive and step family tree charts are very similar. The adoptive family chart has the adopted child in the middle. Then the biological parents and grandparents are on one side while the adoptive parents and grandparents are on the other.

Family Tree Chart Adoptive Family

The step family tree chart has the child in the middle also. This time the biological father and step-mother are on one side while the biological mother and step-father are on the other side. The respective grandparents are on each side as well.

Family Tree Chart Stepfamily

Click to go to the Adoptive & Step Family Tree Charts.

Census Extraction Forms

The census extraction forms will start with the US Federal Census from 1790 to 1940. After that we will decided which census forms to create next. Eventually we will include the different schedules for the US Federal Census, the state census, the Canadian census, the UK census, and the Australian census. If you have a specific need, please contact us. Click here for the Census Extraction Forms. (Coming Soon!)

Miscellaneous Forms

Miscellaneous family tree forms covers everything else. Let me tell you, that is a lot of territory! There are research logs, research calendars, correspondence logs, cemetery transcript logs, civil register logs, etc., etc., etc. You name it, and we will include it here. Again if you have a preference or need, let us know and we will do our best to be accommodating. Click here for the Miscellaneous Forms. (Coming Soon!)

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