Family Tree Worksheet

Looking for a family tree worksheet? Get your free printable family tree charts here! Take them along on fact finding outings.

What is on the Worksheet?

This worksheet is an outline format of a family group. But it includes more than the family group sheet.

Here is the entry for the father.

Notice the fields for occupation, census, and other. Also the "/" at the end of each line is for the corresponding source number.

There is room for up to 11 children. Actually if that is not enough just copy the children's pages for additional room. Below is a child's entry.

Notice the the child's entry has room for the spouse's parents and their children.

Below is a source entry. It is a very generic format. Make it fit whatever type of source you are taking your data from. If you need help with citing sources, go to Citing Sources.

The final parts of the worksheet that I want to bring to your attention are "bookkeeping" entries.

To the right is the all important date created, created by, and chart number. The chart number along with the information below allows you to correlate charts. See the attached instructions.

To the left is - what I call - the chart correlation information. It allows you to correlate someone on this chart to someone on another chart. See the attached instructions.

Each form, chart, template, or worksheet at Family Tree Waypoint has detailed instructions included with it.

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