Pedigree Charts

If you need free pedigree charts for your family tree to print or download, you are in the right place. We have two formats with more on the way.

Pedigree charts are one of the basic family tree chart formats. Ours are a little different than most. All of the charts at Family Tree Waypoint have pages to cite your sources and detailed instructions. Have a look below and see if this chart option is what you are looking for.

Lets look at the details. The blue chart has the person number in white lettering in the top left corner of the blue frame. The green chart allows you to number the people yourself. You will notice the dashes after the title of each field. This is for the number of the source where you found the information.

Both charts have a place for the spouse, children, and siblings of the focus person on the left. The spouse and children have an "M/F". Circle M for male and F for female. The siblings section starts with "Bro/Sis". Circle Bro for brother and Sis for sister. Again notice the dashes for entry of the appropriate source number.

Both charts have the standard administrative details at the top. There is a "Created by" field for your name. There is a "Date" field for the date the chart was filled in.

There is also a "Chart No." field for a chart number. The last part is what I call "correlation information." It allows you note someone on this chart is the same person as on another chart. Let me explain. If Person No. 1 on this chart is Person No. 8 on Chart 40. Then fill in this section.

The source format is the same for both charts. The source page has room for quite a few sources. But... if it is not enough room make more copies of this page and keep numbering. The source format is very generic. But you can modify it as needed for your particular sources. If you need help with your source citations, see Citing Sources.

Both charts come with detailed instructions. If this is what you need, great!

Click here to download the Blue Chart.

Click here to download the Green Chart.

Keep in mind that these are PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Reader®, click here to download it for free.

If this is not the type of chart you need, check out Family Tree Forms / Charts / Templates for other options.

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